Carrie Renee, LMT




You are ready for change. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be here. You want something different or know something more is possible. Whether related to body, mind or spirit struggles, I am honored to support you in your journey. It is my goal to empower each client to strengthen their sense of self, increase their ability to listen to their bodies and emotions, and have access to a plethora of tools as they engage fully with their lives.


Carrie’s approach is relational and engaging, yet also direct. She stewards a clear and compassionate environment in which each client can explore their unique strengths and inner resources, as well as struggles or challenges that may prevent them from thriving. She collaborates with each client to foster a space in which healing, growth, and understanding can create lasting change and translate into a life full of meaning and purpose.

 Carrie’s practice is trauma-informed, sex and body positive, and socially aware. Carrie maintains a culturally curious stance, considerate of people’s intersecting identities, and thinks critically about how systems of power and privilege relate to each person’s experience in the world. Read more…



Deep Intuitive Table Massage • Maya Abdominal Massage • Thai Massage


Yoga • Pilates • Dance

Mindful Coaching & Mentorship

Solsara • Hakomi




About Carrie

Carrie has been pursuing her fascination of the human body and how it can serve as a vehicle for greater awakening and understanding since 1997.  With an extensive professional background in yoga, Pilates, meditation, massage, and women’s health, she offers a deeply informed perspective of the interplay between body and emotion.

Carrie is currently completing her Master’s in Counseling at Pacifica Graduate Institute with a focus on depth psychology and also has recently completed four years of study in the M.E.T.A/Hakomi Comprehensive Training program; two as a student, and two as a Teaching Assistant. Additionally, she has been trained in Primary Experiential Attachment and Re-Creation of the Self (RCS). She has been a student, assistant, and teacher of Solsara, a practice of interpersonal authenticity, since 2001.